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Brussels: meet our specialists

The PNO office in Brussels is situated at the heart of the European Union. From Brussels, PNOs presence enables its clients to reach out to a wider audience and serve all the important stakeholder communities that populate the 'EU Capital' and its institutions. Meet our specialists!

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Paolo Salvatore (PNO Consultants Board member and founder of Ciaotech, PNO Innovation Board member). Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University "La Sapienza" (Rome-Italy). Two years of experience as System Engineer. In 1997 he started his activities of technology transfer, focussed on planning and developing international innovation projects, especially targeted to SMEs. In 2000 he moved to California assisting US and European enterprises in bilateral technology transfer activities. In November 2001 he started his activity with CTECH, as Managing Director. Some of his experiences are: management and coordination of EU funded research projects, Support Actions, Marie Curie projects, creation of network of researchers in the IT sector between USA and Europe, Creation of network of LAM and EU organisations in the field of renewable energy technologies, Management of technology transfer actions between US and EU industries operating in ICT sector. Author of papers in the domain of SMEs innovation.

Ron Weerdmeester (PNO Innovation Managing Director). Combines degrees in European law (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) and Technology and Business Development (Boston University) with a professional career in the development of strategic research, technology development and innovation processes, projects and programmes with a European dimension. Since 1993 Ron has been working as an expert consultant with PNO Consultants in the Netherlands and Brussels, Innova Technology Transfer, Ciaotech and IDP European Training and Studies in Italy. He has supported hunderds of clients and succesful EU projects and proposals of a wide variety, involving small high tech companies to large multinationals, research institutes and Universities in most European countries, and in a large number of different technology areas, from ICT to energy, from environmental technologies to materials and from biotechnology and health to chemistry. As such Ron has matured a unique and broad experience and profound insights in innovation and funding processes in practice, from the genesis of innovative ideas and their development towards proof-of-concept, demonstration, market introduction and commercial exploitation. He has worked as a trusted consultant for leading (open) innovation organisations such as CERN, DOW Chemical, ETH, Fraunhofer, Helmholtz Institute,  IBM, Microsoft, Politecnico of  Milano and Turin, Procter&Gamble, RWTH, Solvay, Technical University of Eindhoven, Telecom Italia, University of Rome,  amongst many others.
Ron is currently board member of PNO’s operation in Italy and Managing Director of PNO Innovation in Brussels. Ron has driven PNO’s chemistry related services, as account manager and consultant to the European Technology Platform (ETP)  SusChem and the Council for the Chemical industry, CEFIC. Recently this resulted in co-managing the process towards the development of a European PPP for the sustainable process industry (SPIRE) together with DG Research, 7 RTO’s and 8 sector organisations and ETPs (such as ESTEP) representing most of the European process industry. Ron is co-author of the SPIRE 2030 innovation roadmap. Currently Ron further develops this line of consultancy towards 2030 innovation roadmaps for industrial biotechnology, resource efficiency and (critical) raw materials, together with RTO’s and European platform organisations such as EUROPABIO and the Bio-Based Industries Consortium. Recently he lead and carried out a study on synergies between European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), H2020 and EIB, on behalf of the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC). This has resulted in a public report on the BIC website.

Dr Nader Akil (Senior R&D&I Consultant) supports European organisations in implementing their innovation strategies and in project initiation, development and management since 2011. He also led the creation of innovation eco-systems around specific topics related to critical raw materials and sustainable chemistry. As an example, in the frame of the CRM_InnoNet project funded by the EU (2012-2015), Nader led the creation of an innovation eco-system around the topic of substitution of critical raw materials where he was in charge of setting up the Innovation Network on substitution of critical raw materials where more than 350 delegates representing over 100 organisations from 22 countries attended the strategic Innovation Network workshops. The Innovation Network was linked to about 20 European initiatives such as large European projects contemplating activities related to critical raw materials in strategic applications such as permanent magnets in transports and energy applications, and other innovative applications such as electronics, photonics and high added value alloys. The Innovation Network provided a platform for stakeholders interaction across the duration of the project, favouring the exchange of information and dialogues over the substitution of CRMs. Nader also conducted a study on possible financial mechanisms, the organisational structure and the working methodology for the continuation of the Innovation Network after the end of the CRM_InnoNet project.
Prior to joining PNO in 2011, Nader gained substantial industrial experience working with large companies and SMEs over 15 years, including Philips, NXP Semiconductors and Photovoltech. Responsibilities ranged from research, business development and project management to consultancy on research subjects for technical, business and intellectual property departments.
Nader holds a PhD from Metz University, France and has held research positions at Vanderbilt University, USA and Twente University, the Netherlands. He has 13 patents and over 50 scientific papers. He is currently involved in several support actions funded by the European Commission.

James Cogan (Senior Advisor) is a technology, industry and policy analyst with over 20 years industry experience and deep knowledge of the bioeconomy in Europe.  He currently advises and assists the European Commission, EuropaBio, European Bioplastics, Starch Europe and a number of bioeconomy multinationals.  His  work spans technology and industrial design, project financing and policy advocacy. Read his latest publication.

Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli (PDEng, MSc) (Consultant) currently works as Grants and Innovation Consultant at PNO Innovation, Brussels. He is mostly involved in proposal writing, project participation and business development in the field of BioEconomy (eg: BBI) and sustainable process industry (eg: SPIRE), including a role in roadmap integration for the BIO-TIC FP7 project and support to the EC DG GROWTH BioBased Products Expert Group.
His prior experiences include: Product Manager at Agroils Technologies (biodiesels), Florence, from Feb 2014, BioProduct Designer at Delft Advanced Biorenewables (biofuels), DSM (biochemicals) and TU Delft, Delft, from Feb 2012 and Research trainee at KtedoGEN/NAICONS (bioactives), Milan, from July 2010. His education includes a PDEng (industrial PhD) from TU Delft, an MSc from University of Milano-Bicocca, an International Summer School from ETH/UZH, Zurich, and a BSc from University of Parma.
He is Board Member at the National Association of Biotechnologists (ANBI, Italy) and Work Group Member (WG4 Policy and Sustainability) at the European BioFuels Technology Platform (EBTP, Brussels).

Emanuele Festa (Junior Consultant) graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 2014, with a master degree in Mechanical Engineering. With experiences in the field of Finite Element Method (FEM), he has built a curriculum in design engineering.
Focusing his studies on systematic innovation, he approached TRIZ theory, intellectual property fundamentals and the most recent technology forecasting methodologies.
In September 2014 he joined the EU project FORMAT, FOrecast and Roadmapping for MAnufacturing Technologies, (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP - Marie Curie Action: "Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways") participating in a case study for Whirlpool Europe SRL. Downstream this work, he performed the assessment of the FORMAT methodology, which was the main subject of his master thesis.
From January 2015 Emanuele has been seconded to PNO Consultants (BE), as Early Stage Researcher for the FORMAT project. During this period he has studied and developed an algorithm for Text Mining applied on patents. The outcomes of this research were presented during the final conference of the project, held in Milan on May 2015.Since October 2015 Emanuele has joined the PNO Innovation (BE) team.
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