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PNO supports your innovation process
and reduces the risk of failures
through advanced services embracing
technology intelligence, analysis,
road-mapping, public and private funding,
exploitation and dissemination of project results.

PNO Consultants Brussels

The PNO office in Brussels is situated at the heart of the European Union. From Brussels, PNOs presence enables its clients to reach out to a wider audience and serve all the important stakeholder communities that populate the 'EU Capital' and its institutions.

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Multiple sectors all over Europe

Active in multiple sectors and working with key stakeholders all over Europe as well as the related relevant sector organisations in Brussels we analyse, develop, stimulate, support and implement innovation processes for and on behalf of these sectors. A few examples, by no mean exhaustive, of our broad scope and sector specific track record include:

  • bioeconomy;
  • circular economy, resource efficiency & critical raw materials;
  • energy, photonics, healthcare, transport and many more.

Services and portfolio

Leveraging on its solid core business of grant application, especially focusing on larger organisations and pan-EU projects, PNO is steadily increasing its high-end innovation services portfolio. To name a few:

Service Examples
Innovation Management: Innovation strategy support; Roadmap development; EU project coordination; Innovation project management. PNO has supported A.SPIRE in the production of it SPIRE research and innovation roadmap  
We contributed to the production of the EU-funded Roadmap 'The bioeconomy enabled' by the BIO-TIC consortium, led by EuropaBio  
  PNO served the EC DG GROW’s Expert Group on BioBased Products and MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij in their work on Public Procurement and Task Force set up respectively.  
Project Development & Partner Search: matching project ideas and partners via consultants’ personal networks and our virtual Innovation Place© portals. Following the concept of Open Innovation underpinning our services the matching is enabled by our proprietary portal, Innovation Place©
  PNO also support clients such as sector organisations with a 'white Label'portal, with tailor made on-line Open Innovation support, such as project searching partners, or partners searching projects to specific sectors’ requirements. An example is the portal  GRANT-IT for the chemical industry association CEFIC, with online functionalities to foster the yearly brokerage events and process of SusChem European Technology Platform that PNO supports since 2009.   
  Another example is the EU-funded 'Light Jump portal'; the European Photonics industries open innovation platform.   
Intelligence: Technology scans, State-of-the-art analysis, Market analysis; Stakeholder analysis. SPLASH FP7 / SPLASH – Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons  
  REE4EU H2020 / REE4EU: integrated high temperature electrolysis (HTE) and Ion Liquid Extraction (ILE) for a strong and independent European Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain. See REE4EU video.
Communication and Realisation: Dissemination plan, Articles, Newsletters, Website communication, Workshops, Conferences & Exploitation plan, Business plan, Cost benefit analysis, Valorisation plan, Knowledge transfer Valorisation plans are developed by PNO such as the one within the EU-funded R4R project, including R4R innovation ideas incubator for 6 Chemical Regions to drive resource efficiency innovations   
  Within the project Light Jumps, PNO developed several reports and a downloadable Showcases Development presentation   
  Within CRM_INNONET, PNO led the creation of a European research and innovation community which previously did not exist, focused on the substitution of Critical Raw Materials via stakeholders engagement and the organisation of several strategic workshops   
  Dissemination, Exploitation and Business plans are developed by PNO within FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects such as Bio-MIMETIC, REE4EU and many others  
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