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PLATIRUS Innovation

To ensure a stable supply of PGMs in Europe, this project selects and demonstrates a novel technology for a cost-efficient and miniaturised PGMs recovery. With stakeholder analysis, communication and dissemination activities PNO helps ensuring and maximising the market impact of the project in Europe.

Decoupling the platinum demand of European industries from unstable, non-EU sources by setting up a new secondary PGMs exploitation route.

Europe as world's largest consumer of PGMs

Considering only autocatalysts, estimated to use 41% of EU PGMs in 2014, Europe is the world’s largest consumer of PGMs, with an annual demand of 40 tonnes of platinum, worth 1137 MEUR . The supply of PGMs is currently ensured mostly by primary sources (72%) and the overall supplied PGMs, coming from both mines and recycled products, cannot meet the global demand. The current deficit of about 20 tonnes between demand and supply of platinum is also forecasted to grow in the coming years due to the automotive emission legislations that are becoming more and more restrictive and the current irreplaceability of PGMs in autocatalysts . Moreover, the major suppliers are displaced from the regions with higher demand and can’t be considered stable and reliable for political reasons.



The PLATIRUS project aims at reducing the European deficit of PGM by benchmarking, selecting and upscaling to industrial relevant levels a newly emerging cost-efficient and miniaturised PGMs recovery and raw material production processes. The targeted secondary raw materials will be autocatalysts, electronic waste and mining waste from nickel and copper smelters, opening-up an important range of alternative sources of these critical raw materials, with the potential to substitute a large amount of primary raw materials which are becoming more and more scarce in Europe. The PLATIRUS technology will represent a step forward with respect to the state-of-the-art, allowing a cost and energy reduction as well as miniaturization of the recovery process that will enable the wider proliferation of new PGMs recovery facilities, also to smaller scale decentralised locations. The partners expect a future impact of 15% additional exploitation of currently untapped secondary resources, increasing the amount of yearly supplied PGMs by 4 tonnes, hence potentially fully covering the European supply deficit.

PLATIRUS and PNO Innovation Services

Our task in the project is to ensure and maximise the impact of the PLATIRUS project, paving the way for the market uptake of the proposed technology. A relevant audience of stakeholders, policy makers, researchers and investors will be identified thanks to the robust and consolidated stakeholder analysis methodology developed by PNO. These activities allow to build a targeted set of communication and dissemination actions. We will also support the coordinator in the market analysis and business planning.

Our assessment will aid in minimizing risks and associated development costs and enable optimal decision-making on innovation routes. The selected technological approaches and management instruments will be developed into prototypes and tested in several pilot locations in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. 

PNO Participation

Nader Akil

Nader Akil
For further information about PLATIRUS, please contact Nader Akil. 


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