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New_InnoNET Innovation project

The New_InnoNET project is about Developing and reinforcing solid foundations for building the European Near-Zero Waste Platform. PNO took the initiative to identify and connect stakeholders in the electronics, automotive and plastic packaging value chains and coordinates the setting-up of a near-zero waste platform developing innovation roadmaps.

Performing an early innovation assessment and developing optimal exploitation strategies to facilitate successful market entry.

Mobilising stakeholders towards building a circular economy

Europe generates around three billion tonnes of waste each year – and it is expected that this amount will increase further. Traditional value chains are linear, which is literally reflected by the final destination of discarded products: landfill sites or incinerators. Approximately half of the EU’s waste is not reused or recycled, and aside from the environmental impacts associated with waste disposal, a significant amount of potential secondary resources is lost.


EU2020 strategy

The EU2020 strategy and the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe call for a change of the current economic structure: from linear towards a circular structure, connecting this transition with economic and business opportunities. To address this challenge and to mobilise stakeholders in the electronics, automotive and plastic packaging value chains towards building a circular economy, PNO initiated, developed and currently coordinates the NEW_InnoNet project. The objectives of the H2020 funded NEW_InnoNet project include setting-up and maintaining a near-zero waste stakeholder platform, analysis of selected waste streams and developing innovation roadmaps per waste stream, developing an integrated near-zero waste strategic research- and innovation agenda, mobilising stakeholders and facilitating interaction.

PNO Innovation Services participation

NEW_InnoNET is an initiative developed and coordinated by PNO. We developed the initial concept and consortium. As coordinator we act as the intermediary between the European Commission and the consortium and are responsible for the overall organisation, planning and control of the project, the use of resources and funds and the on-time delivery of the project deliverables. The involvement of stakeholders is essential in this project. Using our extensive network of knowledge institutes, industry partners and policy makers across the value chains we connect partners to NEW_InnoNET to induce cooperation on issues related to near-zero waste. Furthermore, we combined desk research and interviews to determine the barriers that stakeholders perceive in their move towards circularity and ensure stakeholder interests are represented in the innovation roadmaps and the research- and innovation agenda. This enables NEW_InnoNet to develop its platform in line with the opinions, needs and expertise of stakeholders in the value chains.

Our added value:

  • Project development and consortium building
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Project coordination
  • Stakeholder analysis

PNO Participation

Tjerk Wardenaar

Tjerk Wardenaar
Tjerk Wardenaar is involved in the New_InnoNET participation of PNO Consultants. 


More information

Find out more about New_InnoNET. Visit the NewInnoNET website and LinkedIn page

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