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Innovation Captured

PNO supports your innovation process
and reduces the risk of failures
through advanced services embracing
technology intelligence, analysis,
road-mapping, public and private funding,
exploitation and dissemination of project results.


What to innovate and who are my partners?
How to co-finance my innovation projects with public funding?
How to maximise the impact of my innovation projects?
How to manage and improve the innovation process?
Get a helicopter view on who is doing what in your country and the EU, build your international innovation networks, be part of the PNO network which connects you to relevant projects bringing you fresh and original ideas.
Have PNO’s experience by your side from the concept definition of your innovation projects to the identification of EU and national grant schemes, helping you with the consortium building, the project proposal preparation and submission.
Let PNO help you with a good initial market analysis, get connected with users and other stakeholders of your innovation, organise technology transfer and disseminate results to the right communities.
PNO can support you with the analysis and selection of innovation ideas, innovation project management, a collaborative project environment, and a knowledge base supporting your innovation projects.
With more than 30 years of experience in innovation and public funding, PNO has developed a structured approach to support organisations in addressing the challenges of the innovation cycle.


Defining and planning innovation
Developing and financing innovation projects
Maximising the impact of innovation projects
  • Technology intelligence and stakeholders’ analysis
  • Systematic market driven innovation with TRIZ and QFD
  • Vision and roadmap development
  • Building innovation partnerships and connecting to project ideas
  • Project concept’s development and consortium building
  • Grant scans and analysis
  • Grant applications writing and process management
  • Building innovation partnerships and connecting to project ideas
  • Market and users’ requirements analysis
  • Project coordination and compliance
  • Technology exploitation and valorization
  • Building users’ communities and networks for dissemination
Process management and IT tools
Project portfolio and process management
Innovation Place (
  • Systematic development, analysis and selection of innovation ideas
  • Project portfolio management
  • Linking to project ideas and consortia
  • Grants and literature information
  • Collaborative project environment

    Innovation service projects
As a project partner, PNO assesses the economic and social costs and benefits, defines promising exploitation routes and creates market awareness for innovative waste water treatment and sanitation technologies  
PNO took the initiative to identify and connect stakeholders in the electronics, automotive and plastic packaging value chains and coordinates the setting-up of a near-zero waste platform developing innovation roadmaps. 
To ensure a stable supply of PGMs in Europe, this project selects and demonstrates a novel technology for a cost-efficient and miniaturised PGMs recovery. With stakeholder analysis, communication and dissemination activities PNO helps ensuring and maximising the market impact of the project in Europe.
The REE4EU project aims at bridging the gap between the EU industries’ growing demand of REAs and the unstable, displaced suppliers, by setting up a novel circular, EU-centred value chain. By means of stakeholder analysis, market and socio-economic analysis, communication and dissemination activities and business planning PNO helps this project finding its way to the market.

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