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ESF funding for education and reintegration

Through the European Social Fund (ESF) 64 million Euro will be made available annually until 2020 for the stimulation of the labour market. The ESF programme consists of two parts:
  1. ESF for training workers
  2. ESF for reintegration into work for jobseekers

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ESF for training workers

This part helps industries and businesses realise training projects focused on the sustainable employability of workers. Its ultimate goal is the long-term employability of workers. R&D funds or sector funds can apply for funding for this ESF element. Here are a few examples of activities eligible for ESF funding:

  • training and education
  • shaping sectoral policies
  • monitoring
  • research and analysis
  • guidance and communication plans
  • social innovation
  • transnational cooperation
  • development of new tools
  • conducting pilots

ESF for jobseekers

This ESF element helps municipalities, the UWV and educational establishments realise reintegration projects for people who are not/no longer connected to the labour market. The 35 central municipalities in the labour market regions can act as applicants. This also applies to the UWV and the Ministries of Security and Justice and of Health, Welfare and Sports. For the realisation of multiannual projects, applicants must cooperate with regional partners and educational institutions. The target groups include welfare recipients, young people, older unemployed, people temporarily unable to work, students in Practical Education and Secondary Special Education (PE and SSE) facilities, prisoners and forensic psychiatric patients. Reintegration activities, training and counselling are all activities eligible for ESF funding.

Applying for ESF

Labour market regions will probably not be able to apply for ESF funding 2014-2020 before April 2014. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, which implements the ESF in the Netherlands, needs more time to develop its ESF approach for the coming seven years. Because the application for and justification of ESF funding requires a thoughtful approach in any event, it is a good idea to ask one of our specialists for information. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask about ESF opportunities for your labour market project.

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