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EGF European funding in case of mass redundancies

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund EGF will remain available over the next few years for businesses and sectors that have to make at least 500 employees redundant. EGF can fund activities to help workers find another job or set up their own business. In addition to globalisation, redundancies that are the result of the financial and economic crisis are now also eligible for EGF.

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EGF funding for outplacement, training and other activities

In order to help employees find work after mass redundancies, a number of activities can be undertaken, including:

  • training and education
  • outplacement
  • job to job trajectories
  • APL processes (recognition of acquired competences)
  • mobility centre
  • advice about setting up a business or becoming a freelancer
  • guidance and personal coaching
60% of the costs that are eligible for EGF are paid. In addition to permanent employees, staff with a flexible contract are also eligible for EGF support.


Joint or sectoral EGF applications are also permitted

EGF can be used only when more than 500 employees have been made redundant or will have received notice of redundancy over a period of four months. It is therefore good to know that entire sectors can also apply for EGF, for example when the crisis affects multiple companies in the same sector. For a joint application, the redundancies have to take place within a period of nine months, and the participating companies must be situated in two neighbouring provinces.

Severity of the case decisive

For potential applicants the severity of their case, their ability to successfully realise an EGF project and an effective collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment largely determine the chance of a successful EGF application.

PNO has successfully supported EGF projects

PNO has successfully acquired EGF funds for a number of businesses and sectors. Take advantage of PNO's expertise and experience. Ask us about the possibilities for EGF funding for your business or sector.

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