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PNO supports your innovation process
and reduces the risk of failures
through advanced services embracing
technology intelligence, analysis,
road-mapping, public and private funding,
exploitation and dissemination of project results.

Multinational Corporation

"An integrated pan-European approach that will realize grants & incentives acquisition excellence"

How well do your business lines and national operations utilize grants and incentives? Is your overall performance in line with that of industry leaders? Do you apply for the grants and incentives the competition is successfully using? Are you in control or could there be hidden compliance risks? Is your organisation represented in the top EU-funded projects in your key strategic areas? We offer an integrated pan-European funding acquisition service to multinational corporations that optimizes both funding incomes and process control by combining a uniform company-wide approach with local-to-local servicing.

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Four steps

Our pan-European funding acquisition service is made up of four steps:

  1. identification: periodically analysing your plans and projects at corporate and local level (in line with your internal budget and project planning cycle) and identifying the optimal mix of funding instruments that fit your ambitions, projects and investments;
  2. acquisition: building your initiatives into fundable projects, drawing up high-quality funding applications and taking care of the process up to the formal funding decision;
  3. realisation: safeguarding an efficient and fully compliant administrative handling of awarded funds and optimizing payments to your organisation. Our solutions range from helpdesk support to financial secondment;
  4. process management: monitoring of time, quality and costs during all steps of the process, identification and dissemination of local best practices and periodic reporting – both central and local - on progress and results.
The scope and intensity of our support during these four steps can be seamlessly aligned to the specific capabilities, characteristics and needs of your organisation. The above services can also be delivered on a project-by-project basis.

In addition we can provide you with EU benchmarks comparing your grants and incentives performance with that of your main competitors (including information on schemes used, success rates, type of projects, partnerships, etc.).

Concrete deliverables

Our services will bring the following concrete deliverables:

  • a clear and continuous overview of relevant funding opportunities, including information on expected success rate, cost/benefit ratio and related obligations in order to allow for coordinated and well-balanced go/no go decisions;
  • high-quality funding applications requiring less time and effort from your organisation;
  • optimal grant incomes and prevention of compliance risks;
  • cost efficiency and an effective funding acquisition process.

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